Timothy Clift is a landscape artist living in the beautiful NSW Northern Rivers hinterland. He has been a finalist in the Paddington Art Prize (2012) and exhibited in several local exhibitions when living in Sydney, the Mid North Coast and more recently in his new region. He also runs his own graphic design business, Nimbus Graphic Design, specialising in branding. He became part of the Lennox Arts Collective in 2021.

“I am fascinated by the beauty of light and how it changes a scene so dramatically throughout the seasons, during various weather conditions and at different times of the day. I am particularly obsessed with ‘the golden hour’ - that time of day just after sunrise or before sunset where the sun emits those soft, warm hues and the shadows are long and dramatic.”

Timothy can be contacted via email: tim@nimbusdesign.com.au or via Instagram @timothyclift_art